Heirloom Quality Boy's Christening Sets

Our Unique Heirloom Collection of Boys Christening gowns, coveralls, rompers and knickers ranges from the very classic basic to the most discriminating taste. We have based the collection on five major fabrications which include a soft cotton sateen, a soft cotton broadcloth, the softest dupioni silk we could find, a beautiful polyester-rayon gabardine and a soft, yet bridal quality polyester matte satin. We also have a few specialty fabrics. We have chosen the finest in trims and paid attention to the tiniest details. We believe that babies should look as they truly are, innocent angels in white. We believe the gown should fit the baby to perfection so we have a wide size range from Preemie up to 24 months. (Not all styles come in all sizes.)

Polycotton one piece w/ pin tucking
Reg. price: $63.00
Boys Polycotton Romper with Pin Tucking
Reg. price: $54.00
Nautical Gabardine Knicker with Shamrock Embroidery
Reg. price: $100.00
Boys Silk Christening Outfit
Reg. price: $165.00
Gaberdine one piece w/ buttons
Reg. price: $60.00
Short White Boys Celebration Set with Hat
Reg. price: $76.00
Silk Dupioni Convertible Gown
Reg. price: $260.00
Polycotton Romper with Screened Cross
Reg. price: $58.00
Pleated boys coverall with emb. Shamrock Cluster
Reg. price: $100.00
Silk Dupioni Vested Coverall
Reg. price: $180.00
Cotton Embroidered Romper
Reg. price: $107.00
Boys 100% Cotton Knit Two Piece
Reg. price: $116.00
Cotton Sateen Short Sleeve Coverall with Pleated Front
Reg. price: $107.00
Boys Vested Poly Rayon Gabardine
Reg. price: $63.00
Cotton sateen bishop's gown
Reg. price: $196.00
Boys 100% Cotton Convertible Christening Set
Reg. price: $129.00
Cotton Coverall with Emb. Cross
Reg. price: $88.00
Boys Polycotton Pique Gown
Reg. price: $100.00
Hand smocked pin tucked, long sleeve, long pant covera
Reg. price: $127.00
Romper With Vest
Reg. price: $74.00
Short Sleeve Silk Dupioni
Reg. price: $309.00
Smocked Silk Romper
Reg. price: $136.00
Cotton Coverall
Reg. price: $80.00
Silk Nautical Romper
Reg. price: $109.00
Boys Coverall
Reg. price: $74.00
Boys Cotton Romper with Round Collar
Reg. price: $65.00
Boys dupioni one piece w/ sailor collar
Reg. price: $154.00
Long White Boys Celebration Set with Hat
Reg. price: $85.00
Pin Tucked Silk Dupioni coverall
Reg. price: $207.00
Silk Coverall with Pin Tucking & Hat
Reg. price: $170.00
Boys Gabardine Knicker Set
Reg. price: $103.00
Boys Coverall with Captain Hat
Reg. price: $72.00
Silk & Buttoned Romper
Reg. price: $167.00
Boys Knit Coverall
Reg. price: $114.00
Boys Cotton Smocked Romper
Reg. price: $123.00
Silk Family Gown
Reg. price: $183.00
Gabardine Coverall
Reg. price: $72.00
Boys Gabardine Christening Outfit with Cap
Reg. price: $85.00
Handsome Vested Gabardine Short Sleeve Coverall
Reg. price: $98.00