Heirloom Preservation Bags

We have searched for the best, most durable and very cost effective way to store your ceremonial clothing or other special occasion sets without ruining them. Don't Be Fooled! The vinyl (keepsake) bags which protect many special occasion sets from dust and dirt while shipping and storage in the retail environment ARE NOT meant for long-term storage. The chemicals in the vinyl WILL damage by discoloration and deterioration over the years. If you would like access to your baby's clothing, enabling you to share memories of the event with your child as they grow, please consider a preservation bag. Heirloom preservationists agree that hand washing (when applicable) with an enzymatic cleaner and then storage in a chemical free cotton bag is the best option. When used with a similarly constructed padded hanger (to prevent the creasing and discoloration associated with chemically treated hangers, the clothing may then be hung in a dark, dry closet or stored in a cedar chest.

Heirloom Preservation Bag
Reg. price: $44.00